Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Breeze

Working on some pretty exciting illustrations before this fall. I've really been in a rustic mood and really enjoying small mark making. This is a piece in the works. I've got about 20 hours in so far and my Microns are still holding strong. What do you think?

Had a garage sale yesterday before the rain started with my good friend. We didn't make a lot of moolah, but I did have fun making signs. I even "put a bird on it!" 

Hope you are all having a great summer so far. Mine has consisted of a lot of biking and fishing!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome to Hollywould

Been really busy trying to give Hollywould Designs a facelift! Make sure you check out the new pages and the upcoming shows. While you're at it, check out the sweet article a dear friend wrote for me, Hollywould (and she did), I have the best friends!

Today I am busy working on some new business cards to match my new website and twitter. You may be wondering, "why all the ants?" Well, two years ago when I started going to MSU for art, I took a class called 3D Design. I was 24 years old, pregnant with my second child, and scared out of mind! One of my first projects was a 3D relief. The requirements were the project needed to be all white, with three separate panels, and there had to be an element that repeated throughout the composition. As I began the planning process, I thought about what it had took me to get to school. I had overcome many obstacles....deciding to go to school with my husband working full time, an 18 month old daughter, and a second child on the way. My mother had passed away and I was trying to play pseudo mom to my father and brothers. It was hard to decide to commute an hour away to major in art. The only metaphor I could think of for me and my challenges were ants. Lots and lots of ants. I made ants of all different sizes with beads and wires and put miniature figures representing worldly obstacles on their backs. On the panels it read: "Ants can carry up to 50x their own weight....sound familiar?"

When I finished the project, I got my first A. That day, I went to Fort Snelling to visit my Mom's grave. I left a crystal ant on top of her grave. It's still there today.

So there's the story of the ant for you curious folks! Today I am trying to get everything ready for my sale in Lake Crystal tomorrow night and for my mural opening Friday night! I am very excited to have my very first opening and I would love to see you all!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hollywould Hectic

I have been a busy lady lately! I am nearly finished with an 8' x 60' mural for Mankato YMCA's Chesley Skate Park. I entered a contest and was selected as 1 out of 3 artists to do the install. The mural represents the complacency that youth has in technology and how their creativity can open a whole new world. Here are some pics of my recent workdays:

I also face painted at my town's Kidfest just recently and they asked if I could give their pink dunk tank a facelift. Here's the finished project:
As school starts, I will be busy getting ready for some winter exhibits. I am having an art show/sale from December 7 through January 7 at Saint Peter's River Rock Coffee Shop. I am also going to be showing and selling some work at Hotel Aloft in Minneapolis through the winter months. I'll keep you updated! Remember if you need a custom work or whimsy, email me your project idea at

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look for Hollywould Designs

Hollywould Designs will be vending at Mountain Lake's 76th Annual Pow Wow celebration June 21st and 22nd! Stop by for some original art and enter to win a prize from HWD! There will be prints, framed originals, book sculptures, and some new lamps with original designs. Here's a preview of some of the art for sale; all art is available for purchase, please e-mail
"Responsibilities" Ink on paper (c)
"Flaunt" Spray paint and acrylic ink (c)
"Rise Up" Spray paint and ink (c)
"Inked" Spray paint and acrylic ink (c)

"Good Mourning" Ink on paper (c)
"Sunrise" Spray paint and ink (c)
"Silencer" Ink on paper (c)
"Lady dans l'eau" Spray paint and ink (c)

"Sweetest Downfall" Ink on paper (c)
"Pax" Ink on paper (c)
Also, don't forget to look for Hollywould Designs at Austin's famous Spam Jam, July 3rd and 4th!